Meredith Johnson, Illustrator

Over 120 titles, including:

Baseball Fever (Treasure Bay 2003)
Meet Thomas Jefferson (Ideals 2003)
Secret Agent Dingledorff and the Case of the Hiccupping Ears (Tommy Nelson 2003)
Secret Agent Dingledorff and the Case of the Drooling Dinosaurs (Tommy Nelson 2003)
Too Many Cats (Treasure Bay 2003)
Secret Agent Dingledorf and The Case of the Flying Toenails (Tommy Nelson 2002)
Secret Agent Dingledorf and The Case of the Giggling Geeks (Tommy Nelson 2002)
Secret Agent Dingledorf and The Case of the Chewable Worms (Tommy Nelson 2002)
Tan Van (Treasure Bay 2001)
My Cowboy Boots (Zondervan 2001)
Follow That Star (Ideals 2001)
My Haircut (Mondo 2001)
Old Blue Hat (Treasure Bay 2001)
Milo And The Fire Engine Parade (Mondo 2001)
Milo And The Greatest Trick In The World (Mondo 2001)
My First Day At School (Ideals 2000)
Christmas Every Day (Ideals 2000)
Today’s Weather Is… (Mondo 2000)
JoJo & Winnie Again (Dutton 2000)
JoJo & Winnie (Dutton 1999)
Ben And Becky Get A Pet (Treasure Bay 1999)
My Worst Friend (Dutton 1998)
Ben And Becky In The Haunted House (Treasure Bay 1998)
Can You Keep A Secret? (Dutton 1998)
The Day Of The Bad Haircut (Scholastic 1995)
The Bath Water Gang Gets Down To Business (Little, Brown 1992)
N-O Spells NO! (Scholastic 1992)
The Sub (Dutton 1992)
All Tutus Should Be Pink (Scholastic 1991)
Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus (Scholastic 1991)
Soccer Shock (Dutton 1991)

Audience Size
I prefer smaller groups, because the kids and I get to be closer, and more of them can participate in the discussions. When addressing a large group, fewer than 75 are desired and should not include more than a 3-year age span.

Approximately 45 minutes for younger children; an hour for older children depending upon a school's needs.

Programs vary in content and detail according to age level, but on every level we talk about the importance of words and pictures working together to become a book. I use slides and a large tablet to draw on.

Grades PreK-1
We read aloud from an oversized book , "Mr. Rover Takes Over" by Grace Maccarone. There are lots of places where the audience can participate with Mr. Rover. There will be coloring sheets from the book with spaces left out so that kids can draw their own Mr. Rover and color him in. We talk about making Mr. Rover their own special kind of dog, as if they were to illustrate their own book. Imagination and choice make it their own.

Grades 2-3
Books we may talk about are Eva Moore's "The Day of the Bad Haircut" and Sindey McKay's "Ben and Becky in the Haunted House". Again, an oversized book is read from and then we talk about how I came up with the ideas for the pictures. I also bring the original art so they can compare with the book. Handout pages are given out with some of the story printed, just like the book, but the kids can come up with their own ideas. They're illustrators!

Grades 4-5
Popular books among kids this age have been P.J. Petersen's "The Sub" and Donna Jo Napoli's "Soccer Shock". I bring oversized copies of the some of the pictures along with the original art that leads us to understand how a book comes together. We talk about how pictures can bring a story to life. Using a big tablet, I draw for them as we talk about how sometimes an artist's imagination can change the way you read the words. There is always time for questions and answers too!

$800 a day plus reasonable travel and lodging.

A word from Meredith:
"Every child loves to draw and color. It's such a wonderful way to communicate how you see your world. And that's exactly what an illustrator does! By establishing a rapport with kids they will discover the fun of thinking about words in pictures. I treat with respect their ideas and knowledge, then add to it. My goals for children are to encourage creative thinking, to have desire to write and draw, and to develop a love of books."

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