Sample Titles
Books Illustrated by Meredith Johnson

Pizza For Everyone (David C. Cook 1988)
My Parents Go On A Trip (Price/Stern/Sloan 1988)
When I'm Afraid (Price/Stern/Sloan 1988)
I Want This, And This, And This (Price/Stern/Sloan 1988)
Love Me Anyway (Price/Stern/Sloan 1988)
When Someone Special Dies (Price/Stern/Sloan 1988)
Me First (Price/Stern/Sloan 1988)
Rent A Third Grader (Scholastic 1988)
The Bath Water Gang (Little, Brown 1989)
What Can You Do With A Pocket? (DLM 1989)
Little Cloud (Price/Stern/Sloan 1989)
Very Tall, Very Small (Price/Stern/Sloan 1989)
When I learn To Dress Myself (Meridian 1989)
When I Learn To Read (Meridian 1989)
When I Learn To Spell (Meridian 1989)
When I Learn To Count (Meridian 1989)
When I Learn To Tell Time (Meridian 1989)
When I Learn To Add (Meridian 1989)
The Shoveler (Price/Stern/Sloan 1989)
Mr. Sneakers (Price/Stern/Sloan 1989)
Dog Lies (Price/Stern/Sloan 1989)
Me Myself (Price/Stern/Sloan 1989)
You're A Good Mommy (Price/Stern/Sloan 1989)
You're A Good Daddy (Price/Stern/Sloan)
My First Vocabulary (Price/Stern/Sloan 1990)
My First ABC Book (Price/Stern/Sloan 1990)
Preschool Skills (Price/Stern/Sloan 1990)
Dinosaur Games (Price/Stern/Sloan 1990)
Sing Along With The Whales (DLM 1990)
School Bus Cat (Harper & Row 1990)
Cooking Class (Harper & Row 1990)
Bully On The Bus (Harper & Row 1990)
Secret Notebook (Harper & Row 1990)
Fieldtrip (Harper & Row 1990)
Haunted Bus (Harper & Row 1990)
Itsy Bitsy Spider (DLM 1990)
All Tutus Should Be Pink (Scholastic 1991)
Best Friends Wear Pink Tutus (Scholastic 1991)
Soccer Shock (Dutton 1991)
Alfred MacDuff Is Afraid Of The War (Tyndale 1991)
The Emerald Forest Matching Game (DLM 1992)
The Bath Water Gang Gets Down To Business (Little, Brown 1992)
N-O Spells NO! (Scholastic 1992)
The Sub (Dutton 1992)
Brothers Don't Know Everything (Augsburg Fortress 1992)
Mountain Bikes & Garbonzo Beans (Augsburg Fortress 1992)
No Girls Allowed (Augsburg Fortress 1993)
6 Hour Mystery (Augsburg Fortress 1993)
The Spy Machine (Augsburg Fortress 1993)
You're Out! (Avon 1993)
Pitching Trouble (Avon 1993)
The Slump (Avon 1993)
Playing For Favorites (Avon 1993)
The Streak (Avon 1993)
Pride Of The Rockets (Avon 1993)
Second Chance (Avon 1993)
New Kid In Town (Avon 1993)
Wanna Bet? (Lothrop, Lee & Shepard 1993)
Soccer Game! (Scholastic 1993)
Mystery At Midnight (Augsburg Fortress 1994)
Operation Melody (Augsburg Fortress 1994)
Ms. Polliwog's Problem Solving Service (Augsburg Fortress 1994)
How Much Is That Guinea Pig In The Window? (Scholastic 1994)
Peanut Butter Trap (Troll 1995)
Teacher's Pest (Troll 1995)
The Day Of The Bad Haircut (Scholastic 1995)
Marty The Mud Wrestler (Pages/Willowisp 1996)
Jill's Happy Un-Birthday (Pocket Books 1996)
Happy Winter Holidays (Pocket Books 1996)
Teammates (Pocket Books 1996)
A Friend For Caitlin (Pages/Willowisp 1997)
Marty The Millionaire (Pages/Willowisp 1997)
Club Trouble (Pages/Willowisp 1997)
Can You Keep A Secret? (Dutton 1998)
My Worst Friend (Dutton 1998)
Ben And Becky In The Haunted House (Treasure Bay 1998)
Ben And Becky Get A Pet (Treasure Bay 1999)
JoJo & Winnie (Dutton 1999)
JoJo & Winnie Again (Dutton 2000)
Mr. Rover Takes Over (Scholastic 2000)
I'm Glad You're My Mother (Standard 200)
I'm Glad You're My Grandmother (Standard 2000)
Christmas Every Day (Ideals 2000)
Today's Weather Is... (Mondo 2000)
Josh & TJ (Pearson Learning 2000)
Rose & Hope Look For A Note (Leapfrog 2000)
What Do You Do? (Leapfrog 2000)
My First Day At School (Ideals 2000)
Lily In The Spotlight (McGraw-Hill 2000)
So Many Places To Go (Steck-Vaughn 2001)
Tan Van (Treasure Bay 2001)
My Cowboy Boots (Zondervan 2001)
Follow That Star (Ideals 2001)
My Haircut (Mondo 2001)
Old Blue Hat (Treasure Bay 2001)
Milo And The Fire Engine Parade (Mondo 2001)
Milo And The Greatest Trick In The World (Mondo 2001)
Baseball Bummer (Treasure Bay to be released 2003)
Rocket Readers/A Good Lunch (Chariot Victor to be released 2003)
Rocket Readers/Go Fish (Chariot Victor to be released 2003)
Rocket Readers/This and That (Chariot Victor to be released 2003)
Rocket Readers/Why Not? (Chariot Victor to be released 2003)
Rocket Readers/Nice Fire (Chariot Victor to be released 2003)
My Day (Treasure Bay to be released 2003)
Secret Agent Dingledorff and the Case of the Flying Toenails (Tommy Nelson to be released 2003)
Secret Agent Dingledorff and the Case of the Chewable Worms (Tommy Nelson 2003)
Secret Agent Dingledorff and the Case of the Giggling Geeks (Tommy Nelson 2003)
Meet Thomas Jefferson (Ideals to be released 2003)

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