About Meredith

I think I can remember standing on the bed carefully coloring in the flowered wallpaper during a nap when I was about three years old. From that rather shaky start, my crayon career had nowhere to go but uphill. I drew on everything. I drew all the time—on tabletops, the back of the front seat of the Ford, the garage door, on the soles of my shoes, on the tops of my sister's shoes. I created baby books for each of my dolls by drawing the 'photos' and baby cards. I drew in handsome husbands for myself. In the fourth grade, I stood in the corner for drawing a mustache on a picture of my teacher. (I drew what I saw). I got to do the Christmas bulletin boards in junior high because my angels were the only ones who didn't look like condors in sheets. By the time I was voted Best High School Artist my senior year in Raytown, Missouri, I felt my zenith had been reached.

So I got married and moved to California.

Well, it's 29 years of marriage and two college-age children later in California. My husband (with the long-suffering heart of a Saint) put me through art school so I could actually get a job that I could hold. I've been an advertising art director for 23 years, creating and shooting those Saturday morning commercials for Barbie. I have also been busy illustrating children's books. Now that Casey and Matt are away at college I've been devoting all my energies to just illustrating children's books. I'm closing in on 100 books illustrated...the Barry Bonds of illustrators. It's nice to work out of the house now and watch the dog herd frogs into the pool, or chat with the FedEx man. It's also nice to know that no one is drinking out of the milk carton anymore or storing pizza under their bed, but I digress...

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